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Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Since the lockdown periods, we have seen all the corporates shifting to the virtual world for their meetings. This era, where we had the IT guys setting a meeting room up, waiting impatiently for the connection to be established and having the impression to be connected to the NASA, it’s all GONE. Welcome to the accessible, easy, smooth and fun world of the digital world of VISIO. We all had to find an alternative since face to face meetings are no more a common thing.

Today, we want to share with you our top 4 Apps for Visio conference for different reasons.

  1. Zoom

Zoom has become so popular in the past couple of months that it has joined the pantheon of brand names that somehow became verbs. Along with Uber, Netflix, and Google, FaceTime, Zoom has become a verb. You’re not going to video call your friend later, you’re going to Zoom them later. Zoom has arrived.

Zoom deserves its popularity due to its impressive performance, overall stability, and wide array of features, but its popularity has also been something of a double-edged sword. Security issues have plagued Zoom with its rise to popularity, but it’s quickly working to patch up the security holes. In part of Zoom’s goal to improve its security , Zoom acquired a digital security company. Although every top free video conferencing software has seen a huge increase in its number of active users, no app has seen a bigger increase than Zoom. As we mentioned before, Zoom has seen an increase of 190 million users in just 3 months.

It has a capacity of up to 1000 people at a time (most expensive plan) for a video call. With a reliable and stable performance. From our experience, Zoom has the least amount of latency and highest frame rates we could get out of an internet connection.

Zoom also has some cool features. Did you know that you can mute everyone else on the call if you’re the host? You just need to hit ⌘Cmd+Ctrl+M on Mac, or Alt+M on PC, and your meeting just got a lot quieter. Taking out all of that ambient noise can make for a much more focused meeting.

Here are some of our other favorite Zoom features:

  • Screen sharing

  • Chat function

  • Camera and audio control

  • Virtual backgrounds

  • Meeting recording capabilities

  • Unlimited chat time (for paid accounts)

  • Portrait and gallery views

  • Easy-invite URL codes

The basic plan is available for free. It Includes features like; hosting of up to 100 participants, which allows participants to attend meetings without registering, limitless one-on-one meetings, up to 40 minutes long group meetings, ticket support, HD video and voice calling, virtual backgrounds, simultaneous screen sharing, and more.

2. Teams

In Mauritius, Teams has become more and more popular mostly among the students as most of the online classes are being held through Teams. Let’s get more familiar for those who have only heard of it but never experienced it personally.

Integrated fully with office 365, this software is the ultimate tool for collaborating with remote teams at work. With Microsoft Teams, you can chat, store data, and work with an online meeting environment.

The best feature is that you can dedicate chat channels to certain topics and therefore avoid clutter. Furthermore, Microsoft Teams allows you to collaborate and share data in real-time.

With non-for cable conversations and searchable chats, you can easily keep track of all data. Another interesting feature is that Microsoft Team leverages identities that are stored in Azure Active Directory. So you can enjoy security, compliance, management, and extendibility – all at once.

We have highlighted some main features for you such as :

  1. Microsoft Teams offers direct access to Skype, SharePoint, OneDrive, and email.

  2. It allows you to keep threaded conversations and reduce email.

  3. You can easily access Teams across all your devices.

  4. This software follows all meeting compliance standards including ISO 27001 and SOC 2.

  5. It also allows you to integrate with third-party applications such as Zendesk quickly.

Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 suite which is available with 4 different plans


Before we ever heard of WhatsApp, Messenger, we all knew SKYPE. Free messages, when we just discovered the paid SMS, free call from Skype to Skype. It is also one of the oldest and most useful communication tools by Microsoft is Skype. This software was well-known way before pandemic times not only because of its smart messaging but also so call recording, screen sharing, HD video calling, and private conversations features.

Skype is an excellent software that offers not only cross-browser compatibility but is also available for Xbox and Alexa. With Skype, you can host a video and audio conference of up to 50 people for free.

It is an excellent application for holding online interviews and connecting with friends anywhere around the globe.

  1. Skype allows you to call landlines and mobiles with low rates using Skype credit.

  2. The software also allows you to send text messages directly from Skype.

  3. It allows you to record calls and capture images within the calls.

  4. This software also allows you to share screens with an integrated screen sharing feature.

  5. You can also enjoy instant messaging in real-time.

  6. It can be connected with PayPal or a debit card to carry out computer-to-phone calls.

Skype is a free software however it costs on a subscription basis for making local calls. The three plans are available according to the location of the user.

There has been a considerable switch since then for sexier, and above all free apps.

4. LifeSize

The LifeSize app is a cloud-based conferencing and collaboration platform designed to provide an all-in-one solution for a business’s video and audio needs. It turns any device or system with a camera, microphone and screen into a viable video conferencing endpoint. Available on desktop and mobile, it can even be accessed on the move from Google Chrome or Microsoft Explorer web browsers.

This app is also classified as one the most downloaded from various specialized sites and is highly recommended for its clarity and quality of calls, compatible with 4K resolution devices. Nonetheless, this also depends on the quality of your connection.

LifeSize offers as standard all the features expected in a video conferencing platform. Call recording, screen sharing, calendar integration, one-click meetings, and many others are included in all LifeSize subscriptions. LifeSize’s cloud-based calling capacities are hosted by Amazon Web Services, which are seen as highly secure. It does, however, mean that LifeSize does not manage the security and integrity of the data created on its platform, and this may concern some business leaders..

We hope that sooner or later, life would get back to normal where we would be able to have face to face meetings and probably keep our new habits of Visio conference to be more productive and cost efficient.

Nonetheless, the human touch and human contact remains priceless.

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